William d'Anthony

William d'Anthony is a filmmaker with over 25 years of experience in production and post-production. He has worked on over 100 feature films in some capacity and is currently scheduled to shoot and direct several upcoming projects.

Director • Producer • Cinematographer • Gaffer


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Forced to take on a double murder case after the suspect threatens his family, attorney Brian Nelson begins to unravel the facts and learns the case isn’t what it seems.

Position: Camera Operator


Trisha and Jamie have been best friends since grade school and have never thought of one another in a romantic way. However, things start to change when Trisha meets a new guy named William and Jamie begins to question his place in the friend zone. Consumed by jealousy, Jamie does everything in his power to keep Trisha and her new love interest apart - even if it will cost someone’s life.

Position: Camera Operator


Elizabeth, a woman with dissociative identity disorder, cheats death and has now a new mission, to find a new family and live happily ever after, beyond her troubled past.

Position: Camera Operator


Successful doctor, Raven Fields, finds herself drowning in work and looks to hire an assistant to help with her day-to-day. Taking a chance on a young and cheery woman, Raven believes she's found the perfect person until assistance turns into obsession, and she risks losing everything, including her life.

Position: Camera Operator

When his flight is delayed coming home from a business trip, Keith Mitchell has to leave his daughter Alexis, who’s stuck at home under house arrest, alone for the night. Once Keith is finally in the air with full bars of WiFi, he notices a stranger enter the house on his security system. Unable to warn Alexis when the WiFi suddenly cuts out, Keith sits helpless from thirty thousand feet in the air while his daughter fights for her life.

Position: Gaffer/Camera Operator


After a recently widowed single father moves to a new town, a new mysterious woman threatens his relationship with his son and their safety in this thrilling.

Position: Camera Operator


William d'Anthony

He is a highly experienced filmmaker with over 25 years of experience in production and post-production. He has worked on over 100 feature films as a director, producer, cinematographer and editor. Although his slate is growing for 2023 and 2024, He is still currently seeking new projects to be a part of.

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