Brief History
Since the 1989 William d'Anthony has worked in the Television and Film Industry.
William d'Anthony is an American filmmaker who has worked in the televison and film industry for almost 30 years. His titles have included Producer, Director, Editor and Director of Photography on a variety of film and television projects. He has also worked for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures just to name a few. His vast knowledge of filmmaking is a most valuable asset when working with other filmmakers.

To see a list of his credits visit IMDB.com
Earlier Years
His humble beginnings started at a local cable studio at the age of 13. There he received hands on training in the Television production which included positions such as Technical Director, Lighting Tech, Camera Operator, Sound Mixer and assortment of others duties. He soon began freelancing for  local production companies who saw his talents. In his senior year of high school he would take the R.O.P. Television class where he would meet his instructor and mentor, Rashid Bahati. Mr. Bahati quickly saw the potential in William and taught him the theory of production and post-production. In high school William would direct, produce, shoot and edit a number of taped and live programs for the school districts cable network.

After High School he would go on to working for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, General Mills and sevral other studios and production companies. His work as won numerous award nationally and internationally.
Currenty, William is working on a new feature film which is being Executive Produced by Martin Lawrence. He is also looking at projects that are in pre-production, and some are preparing for production and/or post-production.  If you are interested in having him as part of your team, please use the contact form.
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